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Roll With Juniper Owners

Tori Turner Photography

Meet the Owners

Hi there, we are so happy you are here! Our names are Andrew and Angelina and we have been together since 2016. When we met, we constantly talked about our dreams of starting our own business and in 2019, we made that dream a reality! We have since fallen in love with the wedding industry and have expanded Roll with Juniper into the retail space. We are so excited to have our Bridal Boutique, Senoia Bridal Company, in Historic Senoia! Being a family owned business, we are committed to making sure every experience with Juniper and Magnolia are unique, fun, personal, and full of smiles. Our goal is to bring the peace, love, and nostalgia of our '78 VW buses to every event through unforgettable experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. We can't wait to work with you!  

got engaged

We live on a farm

We have 12 animals

We love baseball

got married

We love to travel

Iced coffee drinkers

Meet Juniper

We found Juniper in 2019 and got her shipped all the way from Colorado, sight unseen! She arrived in Georgia, painted like the mystery machine, at the end of August. Although we loved her funky vibes and her unique paint job, we had to give her exterior a facelift in order to restore her body and ensure she lives a long life. Her interior was also  upgraded to include wood walls, ceiling and floors along with her already beautiful brown leather seats. Junipers main priority is to continue to bring joy to her community and everyone she meets. She has already changed our lives and we hope that she can create memories for many others!  

1st event
Nashville, TN

Roll with Juniper Icon

Type II Bus

White & Harvest Moon

Roll With Juniper - Magnolia

Meet Magnolia

We always knew we wanted to grow our business and we finally found Magnolia in April of 2021. She had spent the past few years hanging out in the woods in Monticello, GA and wasn't in the best shape. When we picked her up she was orange and white on the outside & had purple interiors. She spent endless hours in the paint and body shop before she returned back for us to complete her interior. Her photo booth was built into the passenger seat which leaves more room for guests to pile in for their photo! Magnolia is following in her sisters foot steps and hopes to create countless memories with her unique photo booth experience! 

1st event
Senoia, GA

Roll with Juniper Icon

Type II Bus

White & Cactus Grey

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