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A Juniper Christmas - DIY Christmas Decor

Christmas Cards are a must have for the holiday season and there's nothing more fun than having a unique backdrop! Our 1978 VW Bus makes a perfect backdrop for Christmas fun. We offer Christmas mini sessions with Juniper, but of course we know not everyone is local. We are in the business of making people happy and we want to share our favorite tips, tricks, and decor items to make your own Christmas fun! Whether you have a vintage vehicle or just some space in your yard, you can make the magic happen!

First things first, a cozy carpet! A Cozy carpet (or 2 or 3) is a great way to create a space for your photos! The one we have is no longer available, but here is a similar option from Amazon that we love.

Another great option for your base is blankets! We use a combo of rugs, blankets, and other similar items for our decor to make the space cozy and fun. We go for a mix of neutrals, patterns, and textures.

Here are some of our favorites!

White Sequin backdrop -

Red Plaid blanket -

White Furry blanket -

Plaid Scarf/Blanket Wrap -

Next step, pillows...all the pillows! When in doubt, more pillows is always the answer. At least that's the motto I live by. Pro tip: use the pillows you already have around the house and just get pillow covers for each season. We also have stuffed pillows with blankets and t-shirts!

Check out some of our favorite Amazon Christmas pillows:

8 Piece Christmas pillow cases -

2 Piece Beige pillow cases -

2 Piece Red pillow cases -

2 Piece Faux Fur pillow cases -

2 Piece White pom pom pillow cases -

2 Piece Plaid pillow cases -

Macrame Pouf Ottoman -

Now it's time to get the Christmas Greenery! If you don't have a backdrop like a vehicle or wooded area for your photos, you can create one with Christmas Trees. We have collected trees over the years and we like to use a combination of sizes. We don't have the exact link for all of the trees and greenery you see in our photos, but if we were starting from scratch, this is what we would get.

Christmas Trees:

3 foot flocked Christmas tree - (we use 2 of these)

4 foot flocked thin tree -

7.5 foot lit fir tree - (a more expensive option)

6 foot slim tree - (a great affordable option )

3 foot lit tree -

3 foot tree with pine cones -

The other mini trees we got from Targets $5 section, fingers crossed they have them again this year!

Christmas Garland:

9 foot Norfolk Pine garland -

2 Piece 60 inch pine garland -

4 piece Eucalyptus garland - (we use this for every season)

Christmas Wreath Options:

28 inch wreath with a touch of red -

24 inch Pine wreath -

24 inch flocked wreath -

Now lets add some fun accessories!

Set of 3 Christmas Jars -

6 Pack Santa Sacks -

Christmas Presents - hang on to those Amazon boxes and wrap them up with your favorite Christmas paper! You can wrap as many as you want. We use ours for multiple years!

Don't forget to use what you already have! We are all about decor on a budget so we always pull out our collection of Holiday goodies and incorporate as much as we can. And if you're in GA, be sure to inquiry about scheduling a Holiday Mini Session, we would love to meet you!

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